Xbox 360 on a mac

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Im going to university in about a month, and I think im going to treat myself to an xbox 360 (ps3s are too expensive and im far too lazy to be waving my arms around in front of a wii). I'm reluctant to shell out on a tv, so I was wondering, is it possible to hook it up to my imac (2ghz intel core duo)? I was thinking about a t.v. tuner...but i dont particularly want to pay the tv license, as i hardly ever watch tv.




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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,374moderator
    This comes up quite a lot so I would have thought there would be a lot more products in competition. These products are probably about right:

    "Connect game consoles and enjoy virtually no latency game play."

    You should be able to watch TV with that too - I knew a few uni students who avoided their TV license that way. It's still a bit expensive though. I haven't seen OS X compatible TV tuners cheaper though.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    "Connect game consoles and enjoy virtually no latency game play."

    unfortunately... with most video games "virtually no latency" just won't work. Any latency at all ruins the ability to play many games (Guitar Hero or any "shooter" comes to mind.)
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    Just remember that buying a 360 is like selling part of your soul. . .
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