Melting Macbook powercord

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
The powercord on my Macbook is melting. I?m going to buy a new one today, but this is annoying. I?m just out of the warranty period and then this happens.

The cord has not been misused or put to any kind of stress; I have never yanked it from its magnetic base.

A few months ago, I remember reading about someone else having this problem; I thought it was a fluke. He posted a photo of the problem and my cord is melting in the exact same location. It?s not a fluke. You can look forward to this happening to your power cord too.


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    yeah its very typical for the power cords on the macs to melt. there are pictures all over the web of the magnetic head melting, and the cord being torn were it meets the magnetic head. yours isnt a rare fluke.

    yeah try to get another applecareplan so if this happens again it'll all be covered by the warranty.
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