docks messed up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
hey guys, just recently, I was messing with my dock, and I accidentally removed the mac osx icon that takes me to the leopard home page. after I restarted thinking that it would come back, it didnt. How do i get it back?

its nothing serious I just wanna know how I get that Icon back.

Edit, now the dock isnt magnifiying, please guys help. please.


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    um can someone please help me please.
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    Please wait at least a few HOURS before crying for more help, this isn't a real-time chat forum...

    To your problem: delete the file /Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences/ . This should create a new one with all the original settings.
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    Sorry gwoodpecker. the problems been resolved, I restarted and its back to normal. sorry about my eagerness. thanks for the help I'll keep that option in mind if this happens again. Thanks.
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