Junk filter for .Mac webmail

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Jaguar's Junk filter on Mail.app works great. Only problem is that, for Junk filter to work, one has to wait until Mail.app has cached or downloaded from Apple's mail servers all of your inboud messages, which sometimes is a pain on low bandwidth connections.

Wouldn't it be useful if Junk filter had an option to work at Apple's mail server level? That is, you could train it with your local Mail.app on your computer and then perhaps use iSync to upload its preferences to .Mac mail server when you are ready to keep it active. That way, Mail.app would skip having to download garbage to your computer, while still keeping a "junk mail" folder at the server for your eventual perusal, much like most webmail services (yahoo, hotmail) work.

I am not sure if I this any sense to you, but although Junk filter works great for me on Mail.app, I still from time to time log to .Mac webmail and delete the garbage there before launching Mail. Specially when I am on the road and on dial up.

I also know Apple is using this feature as one of the selling points for MacOS X., so adding it to .Mac webmail would probably make it available to pre-10.2 users, but nontheless I think it would be a useful feature to all .Mac users. Your thoughts?

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