change partition sizes on the fly

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hello all,

I read on some site (tidbits?) that a new utility previewed at Macworld would allow you to change the size of your partitions without loss of data. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.


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    I need this too. I had a partition for Linux that I barely used but now that Apple has a decent X11 I don't need Linux really, and that extra 10G is tempting. I think what I need is a bit different though, because I need to reformat the partion too.
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    iBrowse: I think I mentioned this once before, but boot up from your linux cd, reformat your linux 10 Gigger to HFS (mac-fdisk or whatever it's called, the thing you used to make an ext3 part.), and boot into Mac OS. Reformat your spiffy new partition to HFS+, then try these partition utilities to expand your main partition.

    edit: pdisk /dev/hda

    d <swap partiton, eg: 9>

    d </root/, eg 10>

    then create a new partition from these old ones, of the type HFS.

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