WebObjects to be free says Jobs

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from an interesting interview with Jobs <a href="http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/4.02/jobs_pr.html"; target="_blank">here</a>, amongst other things from quite a despondent sounding CEO:

" ...And that's why we're going to be giving our WebObjects software away to individuals and educational institutions for noncommercial use. We've made the decision to give it away. "

i recommend reading the entire interview. quite an eye opener. it did make me chuckle that now in 2003 jobs is trying to make Object Orientated Programming sound like a fresh new idea... but hey i bet it's been a while since he hacked some lines of code.

edit: ok, me stoopid. interview date '96... move along and just ignore me... DOH!

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    So, um, I didn't read any of the article yet, but what makes this a comment in 2003? The top of the page says "Issue 4.02 - Feb 1996"
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    I guess thats the famous Wired interview.
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