Fifth gen. iPod to shuffle connection

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You know what would be cool?...If i could connect my shuffle to my ipod video to transfer songs. Maybe have the interface on the ipod video much like making an on the go playlist. Has anyone else thought of this? is it possible?


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    flinch13flinch13 Posts: 228member
    I've thought of this, and while it would be nice, I don't think Apple will ever consider allowing this. Besides, there isn't any cord out there that will connect the two devices.

    But in all seriousness, I can sort of see an application for this; highly mobile people who don't have the option of lugging a computer around could carry all of their music on a full-sized iPod and transfer selected songs to their shuffle when they don't want to bother with it. As a person who has both, I certainly wouldn't object to this capability.
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