Syncing Setup

in macOS edited January 2014
First off, I once tried .Mac and although I know it'd be perfect for what I want to do, I think I can do something much better for a much lower cost.

I just got my second Mac, and I enjoy it a lot, but I also still use my Powerbook, especially during classes and downtime at school and such, so here's what I want to do:

-Synchronize files between computers (latest rewritten files get updated on the other computer), and if possible also bookmarks and mail (but not necessary).

-Still use my ethernet connection to my router on my Mac at home, and still use the wireless network on that router, but be able to have the computers talk on the wireless side (The Ethernet is much faster because the Powerbook is a 802.11b device I believe) while still surfing and downloading and whatever on the ethernet side (for the stationery mac).

-Have the devices update at a certain time, or check for updates and syncronize when they are able to "talk" to each other on the network...

I've downloaded a demo of Chronosync, because people seem to really like that for this sort of application, but I think I have to have the Powerbook on the same network as my iMac, which would mean it'd have to be plugged into the router, or the iMac would have to be dropped down to wireless speed on the this true?

Also, how do I get the computers to talk to each other and see volumes? I've tried setting up Personal File Sharing but nothing seems to be happening.
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