Microsoft Word + Envelopes + Epson photo printers = hell?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
OK. I am taking a survey here: how many of you using Epson photo printers on OS X (780, 825, 925, etc) have trouble getting accurate envelope print outs from Microsoft Word?

Seems to work OK on my C80, but apparently there are some people with Photo printers out there from Epson (one of my clients included) that cannot get the things to print right. Specifically, they can't get the margins right - even if the "orientation" part is. Is this related to the Epson borderless printing issue - where the supposedly "full bleed" printers cannot accept full bleed margins under OS X's current set of drivers?


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    gordygordy Posts: 979member
    Works fine on my SP 785EPX. I printed several different ones yesterday. I did notice that Word wanted to print the envelope vertically. I changed it to landscape in the page setup, and put the envelope in the printer that way. Printed fine.
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