Large capacity HD in a Powermac G4

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I did give this subject a search so sorry it?s a repeated post.

I've just about finished making a old Powermac G4 into a media server/backup device, and have left the drive till last.

Currently it's running its original ATA 10gb HD and 10.4

Now I want to add a 500GB ATA drive (£60 on ebuyer ) but have read that it can't see a drive over 128GB.

I don?t fancy paying out for a PCI ATA-133 card so has anyone tried out this app,

I had a read through the website but it still talks about making sure your HD's are under 128GB which is no good.

If anyone uses the speedtools driver can you let me know how you get on, I think a lot of the warnings relate to using it as your primary boot device which could land you in problems. but as I want to use it as a secondary drive can I just use the driver (kernel extension?!?) and format as 500GB or whatever I choose.

Anyway a answer or any advice would be greatly appreciated, im working on a tight budget so the $25 software solution would work best.


James :-)


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    I don't know anything about speedtools, but after looking at the FAQ and some of the reports, I wouldn't touch it! Your data has to be worth the cost of an ATA controller card. Trying to trick the logic board sounds like a good way to loose that drive.
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