Where's Logic 8? What is Logic's future?

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The next version or successor to Logic is way overdue. I have only read a few rumors by people who claim to know Beta testers. Meanwhile I have seen Garageband and Soundtrack Pro go through big updates. But where's Logic? The only thing I can figure is that it is Leopard dependent and its release was delayed because Leopard was delayed.

Here are the rumors I have heard.

The environment is gone or hidden

The program is mostly one main screen

The synths are reduced/merged

It has better groove and loop functionality

It can use multitouch displays

It is said to be really good

It will not be called Logic

Now all of these make a lot of sense to me so I cannot dismiss the rumors out of hand. If I were in charge of upgrading Logic, I would do most of these things too.

Multitouch is the one thing that raises eyebrows. This rumor came out before the iPhone was announced, I think. So, this rumor was not intuitive. if this rumor is true, it means two things. One, Leopard WILL have multitouch capabilities, and two - Apple is going to release new LCD monitors that support multitouch.

The question I have is do the new iMacs support multitouch? It would not make sense for Apple to have multitouch in the OS and apps and have their new iMac not have multitouch. Is it possible multitouch is in there but just not activated and announced? Could new iMac owners wake up one morning and find they already have a multitouch computer and didn't know it? Is there any way to check if the new iMac has multitouch?

I know some people argue that the ergonomics of multitouch would be too hard on the arms. I don't know. Personally, I would love the workout. Finally computer geeks could get monster muscles. Quite funny if you think about it that way. Heck, hook up a stationary bike for suplemental power and you can get a full body workout! In addition, have the LCD do some sort of face tan and you have the new workout gym for the next century.

Back on subject...

I think the new Symphony audio interfaces by Apogee Digital would go hand-in-hand with a new Logic. I can understand why Apple was so mad about the Asteroid rumors being leaked. I think the Asteroid arrived as the Apogee Ensemble. I am surprised how nobody seems to make this connection. I think they were looking for an Apple branded product but Apple left it as an Apogee branded product. Why? To leave room for other audio interface venders and their products. I don't think Apple wanted the audio i/o business. However, they wanted to make sure there was a high end product for their new Logic.

I think Apple wanted an answer to Digidesign ProTools. After all, Digidesign is owned by Avid, Apple's main competitor in the video editing field. I think Logic and Apogee is a good response. One can always use similar plug-ins and DSP cards to enhance their system if they want. ProTools has nothing on Logic. I think an existing Logic based system could deliver better performance at half or a quarter the cost of ProTools. A new Logic could be even better.

However, ProTools is now more than just a DAW. They now have consoles too. What about Apple creating an app that is a derivitive of Logic that functions as a digital console? Or maybe the new Logic audio mixer will be good enough to do this job. One could use the Apogee interfaces which have super low latency hooked into a laptop or a desktop. That might be very interesting.

Current digital consoles usually cost from $50,000 to north of $100,000. One could easily use an Apple computer, Logic software, and Apogee audio interfaces that could do the job for less. The multitouch screen, or screens, would replace the rows of physical faders and buttons with virtual faders and buttons. Heck, take a look at the current audio mixer in Logic and it looks damn close to many consoles anyway. It only lacks a few features. When one considers that most of this live equipment would also be perfect in the recording studio, one can get double duty out of their investment, with both live and studio gear for far cheaper than the current state-of-the-art.

This is pretty far out there but it is not unreasonable. After all, many of the new digital consoles come with software to control the console remotely. A tablet computer or bigger version of the iPod would allow the audio engineer to roam around a venue to hear and make adjustments as needed. This is commonly done on big shows. Could Apple have something in this niche too? At least, maybe they could have an app for the iPhone that would fill this niche.

The new Apogee Symphony system is also said to be under 2 ms. Current digital consoles latencies are right about this anyway. Plus I think the new Apogee interfaces allow one to do mixes without going through the computer. So I don't think latency would be an issue.

So Apple could give a good kick in the pants to Digidesign and Avid and really transform the audio industry. I don't think it will happen overnight but there are many Logic users out there already. If Apple can provide a stable and easy-to-use Logic that does what ProTools software and consoles can do at a fifth or tenth of the cost, people will flock to this solution.

So, anybody have any thoughts on the future of Logic? Any other rumors or info? What do you think of my ideas where Logic can go?


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    I think you are right about the apogee being the Asteroid that was rumored. I also think is it delayed because of leopard, but whatever it is, I assure you you will be blown away. I have been a logic user since ver 3. Every upgrade has been amazing and will be worth the wait. As for now, logic 7 is amazing.
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    Come on, anybody have any more info? Somebody has to know something more.
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