2001 Quicksilver G4 won't boot

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi, I'm trying to diagnose this via phone with my dad.

The system was shut down normally, over a week ago.

The CPU light flashes briefly when pushed, but the computer makes no sound, not even a tick, and does not start. The the old Apple CPU-powered flat panel monitor's power light does light. This display used to be half faded, but came back to life with jostling, so should be considered suspect.

I had him try:

unplugging from the wall & press the power switch;

open the panel, press the button next to the battery,

and try booting with and without that monitor connected. no go. Next thought is to try 15 min with no power or battery... or he has a PC monitor to try with as well (but he may be able to try just attaching a vga adapter to trick it into thinking a monitor is attached).

Can the power supply be dead even if the CPU on light can flash, and the display get power through the bus?

Your thoughts and ideas welcome!
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