NeoOffice 2.21

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NeoOffice 2.21 is now available for download.


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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,839member
    Thanks for the note. I'll grab it later on.

    While it's recently been overshadowed by iWork '08, having NeoOffice on the platform will help greatly should Microsoft get any ideas about threatening Apple again.

    The speed has also been improving in the later releases as well, though I think it runs much better on Intel machines. Does anybody know if this release runs any snappier?
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    It's come a long way! I still don't get why it's like Netscape or Appleworks though, with all the "applications" in the suite in one application. They should separate it, like Mozilla -> Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird/etc. Separate the spreadsheet, database, drawing, and word processor. Anyway I'm impressed. The spellchecker was sorely needed. Still kind of a drag it lacks grammar checking though. And it's making great strides towards being Mac-like but it's still and never will be 100%. Will be interesting to see the "native" efforts from the official OpenOffice. In the meantime, if I need to open a 2007 file or do some other cool stuff OO can do like PDFing and the database, I may actually use this. For now I still use Office 2004, but it's painfully slow. It's slower on my MacBook than it was on my PB G4 that was only 867mhz. Ouch!
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