Microsoft fixes WGA??!?!?

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Microsoft fixes WGA??!?!?

I say false. Why?


On Friday night, users began reporting on Microsoft's WGA forum that they were no longer able to validate Windows through WGA, with some users claiming that failed attempts to validate Windows Vista were causing the OS to enter a reduced functionality mode.

Apparently the problems just started on this Friday...? But wait... in the same article:


WGA has been a source of frustration for users since it was launched in 2005, and earlier this year Microsoft acknowledged that WGA had mistakenly identified more than half a million Windows users as software pirates.

So this problem that has been around for over 2 years is now a problem that needs to be fixed before Lou goes to sleep again?

Translation: After 2 years, we finally came close to a near-fix and then decided to make a press release to make it look like we care about this problem.

My guess as to the future of WGA: M$ says 'too bad, so sad' and continues restricting their already inutile OS and apps from people who have legally purchased the rights to use them.
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