New iPods Sept 5th Confirmed!

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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    Interesting that the iPod in the graphic has the same old form-factor. It doesn't look like we can expect an iPhone form factor for the new iPod.

    Actually all I care is that they release a 120GB model at the same price point as the current 80, and I'll be super happy.

    I dunno, I don't think the image tells us much.

    There's no way that Steve would allow the invitation to spill the beans about the new hotness, is there?

    If anything, I'd take the "guy with old school iPod as part of coverflow image" to suggest the new iPod sort of containing the old iPod, in the same sense that the iPhone has an iPod "in it".
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    My guess

    Shuffle: \tNo change in the case design, 1G will be $59 & 2G will be $79.

    Nano: \tNo change in the case design, 4G will be $149 8G will be $199 (there may be a special edition 16G)

    iPod: \tThis is the new case design (Photos leaked), the new iPod will be all flash based: 8 and 16 gigs in size and multi colors. 8G will be $249 16G will be $299


    Wide Screen: A new form factor: look for aluminum, glass, black with touch interface (similer to iPhone).

    -HD based: 80G & 120G

    -OS will be OS X based.

    -80G will be $349 & 120G $399

    The question is would the iPod Wide Screen have Wi-Fi?

    If it did come with Wi-Fi how much would it cut into iPhone sales?
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