Wal-Marts DRM-Free Music Downloads

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sorry about the lazy link.

This will be interesting to see how it does at iTunes. I can only wonder what they did to get DRM music that cheap. 98 cents is a deal, that's for sure.

So do you guys think that this will offer any real competition? Personally I don't see it doing much. iTunes is just too easy to use and sync...I mean will anyone else even look for anything else? Wouldn't most people just be like "oh heres iTunes." and use it.


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    "We're sorry, your operating system is incompatible. To provide the best download experience, we can no longer support Windows 98, ME or NT. Please visit again after you upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP. Visit our Help section for complete system requirements information."

    That's the greeting to all Mac users (above)... oh, I just can't wait til they announce they're discontinuing this 'service'.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    ... and the greeting you get when you try accessing Wal-Mart downloads using FF:



    We notice you're not using Internet Explorer. Other browsers may be able to access our original Music Downloads store which has fewer user features than our latest version but offers the same music. We will be making enhancements to our updated version in the future to support the Firefox browser. If you want to take advantage of all the features in our updated design now, please get the latest version of Internet Explorer

    <sarcasm> Wal-Mart really believes in a good customer experience! </sarcasm>
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    Meanwhile, further into their website:


    We notice that the music you are searching for is actually quite good. We are sorry but we do not cater for music lovers or even those with a modicum of taste. We do have a great selection of mass-marketed teeny-bop crap.

    We're not really a music service at all, the only reason we're doing this is a desperate attempt to protect our profits. Oh, and because Universal have paid us loads to try to upset iTunes.


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