How to import IE bookmarks to Safari?

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I'm a newbie, switching from Windows. I will not be having Windows on my iMac. How do I go about importing my IE bookmarks from my Windows laptop to Safari on my iMac? I will also have a Macbook soon. How can I maintain the same bookmarks on my iMac as on my Macbook, withouth copy and paste? Thank you.


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    Hi and welcome to the world of Macs .

    I don't have access to a PC but I assume you can export your bookmarks from IE as an HTML file. Save the HTML file to a CD or a USB thumb drive and transfer the file to your Mac. In Safari, select "Import Bookmarks..." from the File menu and locate the HTML file with your IE bookmarks. Safari will place the imported bookmarks in a folder in your Bookmarks collection and you can then move the bookmarks to the Bookmarks menu.

    If you have a .Mac membership, you can sync your bookmarks on more than one Mac computer. I'm not sure how you can sync them without .Mac, but there are some software programs that will probably let you do this. See this list from MacUpdate:

    Hope that information helps.


    Claire Rottenberg

    Author of "Easy Guide to Safari Browser"
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