Looking for a good value on a scanner

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I'm looking for a good valued scanner or scanner/printer combo for mainly scanning my kid's school work and some old photos. Any suggestions?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    I've found that Epsons offer the best scanned images. I use the Perfection 3490 Photo (scanner only), about $90.
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    I have used Epson and Canon (and one HP) all-in-ones for years, and will say the Canon is the best buy all-around. Currently, I have a 770 at one office and an 810 at another. They both perform major printing and copying duty, and the 810 is called upon several times a week for scanning, which it does quite well.

    The 810 also prints great photos and labels on my CDs and DVDs (the 770 can, too).

    I have had Epsons in the past that, well, let's just say I couldn't sell them when it came time to part with them; I had to pay for them to be carried away, including one large A3 color laser that lasted only two years of light duty.
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