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could you please lock this, thanks


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    Sure you do. Everybody wants to be a seeder.

    I really don't think this is the place to ask for invites to torrent sites that host links to copyright infringing material.

    It kind of irritates me when people blatantly advertise these sites as though it can do no harm. I try to keep them as low key as possible because I have seen first hand how some people get access to sites like demonoid and then see it as a way to get free stuff and now never pay for anything. Then they tell their friends and they do the same as though it's their right to do so.

    My brother is one such example, I didn't inform him of these sites but he eventually found out and I've seen him pack hard drives full of movies he never watches and software he'll never use simply because it's there for the taking and is more than willing to give out this free stuff to his work mates and friends and I find it disgusting behaviour.

    I'm not against the ethical use of this technology for example if you have been screwed over by a software company or purchase a scratched DVD then I think it's ethically right to use these sites but I don't agree with promotion of the sites on public forums where it can cause a lot of damage.
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