VISTA SUTU COMING! Leopard already obsolete!

in macOS edited January 2014

I told the marketing folk long ago that Vista needed to have five versions not four! But, being the easy-going, no-waves guy I am I let it slide, I let the "experts" have their way.


Anemic, sluggish, weak, poohpooh sales!

I will no longer sit by and let this continue! Per my executive order 31148V.101 we will add to the Vista line-up - "Vista 2X Super Ultra Turbo-Ultimate". SUTU (as I call it) will include 33% of all of the modern architecture features that we originally promised for Longhorn 3 years ago but dropped from the final version.

"Vista 2X Super Ultra Turbo-Ultimate" SUTU includes:

Dynamic Core Desktop Acceleration - DCDA

LiveTime Animotron Technology - LtAM

Windows Interscope Code Manager - WICM

The zLife Suite of applications:

StudioBand - Record up to 4 tracks of music.

zPicture - Your JPG photo manager

zWeb - Create Beautiful text webpages

zMelodies - A new skin for Mediaplayer making it a zApp

zFilm - Video editing for any WMV file

All of this Tech-goodness for just $699!

..... and it comes in a RED box.
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