iPhone update..?

in iPhone edited January 2014
so, I watched a bit of the SJ show, and looked at a couple of pics on apples site... it got me thinking.

When apple first debuted the iPhone they didn't have the you tube app, and it would appear that the icons on the initial home screen went from left to right... Today when SJ added the wifi itunes icon it was placed on the right ~ out of the left to right scheme.


first home screen............................ today's addition[/CENTER]

most likely this means nothing, or it is just a good placement for it over the top of the iPod app... OR, it could indicate that there are three more apps ready to be added in the next update to fill in the blanks...

I'd sure like to see (at least) 3 new apps, pages, keynote and numbers would be nice ~ who knows! I guess we'll see soon...
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