Looking for good business/accounting prg for small online retail business

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I own a online retail business. We sell on eBay but also sell on our own web site that's being developed. We basically buy from suppliers and sell over the phone, in some cases direct to customer in person, and mostly online through our website running CRE Loaded (OS Commerce based).

My question: I used Quickbooks Pro 2006 in the past and still do using Parallels now that I have a Mac. I'm doing everything to convert over to Mac programs and there's a few things I don't like with Quickbooks. The simple solution may be Quickbooks 2007 for Mac. I don't mind if I have to reenter data if the solution is a better program but is it as limited as some people say it is? Also, I've heard of MYOB AccountEdge. Is that good? Are there other accounting/bookkeeping programs I should look at?

Issues that are important to me are things like invoices, inventory, and basic record keeping of bank accounts.
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