Nano Generation 2

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So I am now thinking of getting a Nano g2. Hopfully I can get one cheap!

I have never had an iPod before. This would be my first.

I want the little nano because I can use it at the gym. I think the Shuffle is a bit junky.

So, here is my question for the apple/ipod folks.

Currently I could get a

Refurbished iPod nano, 2GB for 99

too much.

Now that the nano generation 3 is here. priced at.

4GB - $149, 8GB - $199.

What do people think the Refurbished prices will be?

I think $49 is a good price. But willing to pay $59

think these prices are possible?

Do you think resellers will be willing to dump new 2 generation nano's cheap?

How cheap?



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    I also came here seeking the answer to this question. What do retail stores do with leftover stock of the previous generation iPods?

    I would like to purchase an 8 or 4 GB gen2 Nano, but the retailers are still selling them at the original MSRP. I'm not sure what is up with Amazon, they have the 8 GB Nano for $369.95?!

    Does anyone know how this is normally handled? Do they simply keep the old ones at original price or a modest discount until they sell out? I would like to get an 8 GB gen2 for <$130. Do you think this would be a possibility?
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    I think apple's goal is to simply get rid of their old stock by giving them away with a rebate to college students when they buy a new mac every year.. they have that deal just about every year I notice, so that is one way. Honestly, I would buy a 3rd gen nano. I know the 2g are cheaper, but the idea of having video in such a small device is quite appealing
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