Long wait on 2.8GHz imac.

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I'm wondering if anyone else has run into overly long waits on the 2.8GHz imacs?

I ordered my imac with a 2.8GHz processor, 2GB ram. 500GB HD etc., and after a four week wait the store i bought it from (carbon computing in toronto) says apple hasn't shipped it yet.

Is this uncommon or is a month long wait the usual?


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    the long wait is almost exclusively with the wireless keyboard.
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    well i know for my 2.33 imac 24, it is last model but it was like 12 days build , so if the product is now in heavy demand, then yah, i can see that. like the keyboards may be hader to get, or the chips and such, apple may not be widly shipping them everywhere in great numbers
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