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Ok, so I've taken the plunge and bought a Mac. Got the mac mini to connect with my HDTV. The issue is this, and if anyone has any ideas about how to best deal with it, I'd appreciate the advice. I ordered the mac mini and since I'm using it with my TV, also ordered the wireless keyboard and mouse. The computer arrived in a few days but the order says the mouse and keyboard will not ship until October 10th! So I don't know how to go further with using my new computer, which has already been billed to my credit card. I called the help line and the nice young lady said, well at least they haven't billed me for the mouse or keyboard and that it was noted on the billing shipment that there might be delays with the keyboard or mouse.

Do I just let it sit there and look at it for an extra month, already having paid for it, or is there a way to get it going without a keyboard and mouse? I guess I could find plug in pieces to use but then that defeats the purpose of ordering the wireless ones.

Guess I'm feeling a bit disappointed with this effort, especially with the fact that I've already paid for something I can't use for a month due to issues not of my making.


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    Originally Posted by Daddyboy View Post

    ...I guess I could find plug in pieces to use...

    i would do exactly that
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    Get yourself a USB keyboard and mouse to tide you over for the month.

    You'll need to have them handy anyhow as if you have a system problem, troubleshooting with a wireless keyboard is impossible.
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