Visual Voicemail Widget (No iPhone Necessary)

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I'm a product manager at CallWave and I wanted to let everyone know about a Visual Voicemail widget

we developed for the dashboard. I know this will sound like an ad, but it's completely FREE!

The iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature has been one of the most talked about features of the new phone,

but now for those of us who are unable or unwilling to buy the device we too can access our voicemail visually.

With the capabilities of Vtxt, you can now receive the gist of a voicemail as a text message on your phone,

while also being able to access your messages online and in your email, in any order you want.

By receiving the gist of the message, you can decide whether to listen to the full message immediately if it's urgent,

or wait until you have the time. No more wasting minutes listening to your voicemail options.

The Apple widget is FREE to users and can be downloaded to your dashboard HERE!

We really hope you enjoy our product. It's a blast to use and will change the way you use your voicemail forever.


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