why does my iMac wake up by itself?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have my iMac G5 for a week now. Only for the last 3-4days, when I manually put it in SLEEP, it will wake up exactly 5 minutes later. And after that I guess it goes back in SLEEP at the time I set in the Energy Saver settings (never stayed up long enough to actually time this). I unchecked the "Wake For Ethernet Administrator Access" and unchecked the "Restart Automatically After Power Failure." That did not solve the problem. I also uninstalled Shades, that wasn't the culprit either. I unplugged the power cord for a couple of minutes and reconnect, didn't help. I don't have any screensaver set to run, it's set at "NEVER". Does anyone have any idea?
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