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How long do you guys think it will take until we see a 32 GB iPod touch?


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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Not for awhile. Even if they could do it now...I don't think in lite of the recent iphone price drop fiasco...that Apple is going to risk ANY price drops or updates anytime soon.

    I'd guess not until after the new year for sure. :-)

    I think for what it is...16 gb is cool.

    I own a 60 gig older ipod which holds all my songs...and thats enough.

    But I'd buy a 16 gig ipod touch for sure.

    I wouldn't be buying it now to hold ALL my songs....but I would buy it for the wifi web surfing features. Thats like having a laptop in your pocket. Very cool.

    Too bad there is no camera tho. That'd make it a complete handheld device. Cause you just KNOW that future versions will have a camera. Imagine taking video clips and then loading them up to youtube or being able to use ichat with friends. Amazing..
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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    I would say 4-6 months, that's a pretty uneducated guess though.
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    Originally Posted by patr_1_8 View Post

    How long do you guys think it will take until we see a 32 GB iPod touch?

    Good question. I'm waiting for 32 GB and some sort of notepad feature. Built-in iSight would be nice as well...
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    I think what lot of of people aren't considering when they look at 16GB iPod Touch is that we don't tend to watch the same video/TV content again and again like we listen to music again and again. To that end so long as you can carry enough content for the time you are ever likelty to be away from your Mac then you have enough Flash Memory...
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