802.11n problem

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I just upgraded my router to a 802.11n (airlink 101 AR680W) and I installed the 802.11n enabler on my macbook pro (2.16 c2d) and all of a sudden the internet just didn't work anymore. I'm connected to the network with full signal, but the internet never works unless I plug in the cable. I've checked many threads but no on seems to have a solution andI played around with the DNS servers, IP addresses, channels too.. nothing works!!!!!

I've had this problem ever since I upgraded my router... When I have it on mixed b/g/n the internet doesn't work but if I have it on b/g mode it works. Is my 802.11n card in my MBP is incompatible with the router?!!! There are 4 pcs in the house and they work just fine with the router (3 of them use 802.11n the other uses 802.11g). I don't really want to return the router since I already bought wireless n cards that work!

Is there a way to UNINSTALL the 802.11n enabler?!!!!

pls help out.

- Senturus


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    apparently wireless only works when I turn off the wireless security... when I try WEP or WPA the wireless doesn't work.
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