Reading news on iPhone?

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I tried to search, but I am not sure what to search for. I have a new iPhone, and I have been trying to figure out how to read news on it. Sure, I can sort of read regular web sites, but it is not exactly user friendly to do that. NYT has narrow columns, so it sort of works. Other places, I end up scrolling horizontally back and forth. I don't really want to read in depth articles on my iPhone, just a quick news summary, like you get in some rss feeds. There is the rss reader that apple provides, but that limits the summaries to 2 lines. I hate that. And I think you have to use bookmarks, which I think are a little cumbersome anyway.

So I put together a simple quick and dirty rss reader site, with some rss feeds right in a pulldown. You could potentially build a link to read your own custom rss feeds, but I have not made that easy yet.

Let me know what you think.


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    Nice work!

    Kinda like Dave Winer's "rivers" -,, etc - without needing a separate site (multiple bookmarks) for each.

    Also, Google Reader works pretty nicely if you already have a set of feeds that it collects.

    And if you use NetNewsWire on the Mac, NewsGator (parent company) has a iPhone access page:
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    An iPhone formatted Google Reader page.
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    Hmm. Well, I did install the bookmarklet, all ready to try it. Then when I got to Google Reader, it was already in iPhone-friendly format. Didn't need to execute the boomarklet. But it also does not have the full description - it is just 2 lines, no matter how much they send in the RSS feed (I like being able to read without having to switch pages much), it does not have the date, something funny happens when you go from portrait to landscape and back, and it is difficult to get back to list of items when you are through with an article, particularly when you don't actually read the whole article and see the links at the bottom. Great stuff, though.
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