Keynote '08 Cancells Scheduled Shutdown: help

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have a looping Keynote presentation playing on a (PowerPC MacMini that is scheduled to turn on in the morning and off in the evening (via Energy Saver in System Preferences).

Prior to upgrading to Keynote '08, this process worked flawlessly.

However, since I switched to the new version, the computer hangs when trying to shutdown, giving the error message "Keynote canceled Shutdown".

On the suggestion from the Apple Discussion Boards, I created an AppleScript application from Script Editor, then call it from iCal when you want the computer to go to sleep:


tell application "Keynote"

stop slideshow


end tell

tell application "Finder" to sleep


But Keynote is still preventing shutdown. Evidently this isn't a unique problem, since a couple of other people have chimed in indicating they've seen the same thing with Keynote '08.

I was also wondering if this might be an issue with the fact that the MacMini is a PowerPC model, ? maybe a RAM issue...

Any ideas? Thanks!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,229moderator
    It may be due to your timing. Is the iCal event set at exactly the same time as the Energy Saver? If so, you should set it to happen maybe 5 minutes before so that Keynote closes leaving plenty of time for the system to shut down.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually, the iCal event replaces the Energy Saver shutdown command; Energy Saver now only turns on the computer.

    The iCal event was only added when the regular Energy Saver shutdown stopped working when KN '08 was installed...
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