Print sharing with a PC

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I have a Powerbook 867 15" and a Windows XP machine that is hooked up to my printer which is a Xerox M940 all in one. I was wondering what I have to do to get it to print through the PC to the printer. They are on a network through Airport and a Linksys wireless router. I have printer sharing set-up on the PC but do not know how to find the printer on the Apple. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    jpp1cdjpp1cd Posts: 135member
    Ok well if no one knows the answer no big deal. Do those printer port to ethernet things work to plug a printer into a network?

    I am looking for a good photo printer and am looking to spend less than 200. I am deciding between the Epson 825, Canon s820 or HP 7350. Any suggestions or things I should know? The canon is nice cause it has individual color cartridges but if that is the only advantage I would want to know. I do not need the ability to print straight from the printer even though I might use it every once in a while.
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