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I am in the gathering crowd of PC users who have (finally) decided to go Mac. After looking at a lot of the threads on this site, I have learned a lot, and have a similar question to many out there, but have some specific questions some of you may be able to address. I am looking at the new iMac or perhaps the Mac Pro. The applications I will use most are Photoshop CS3 and either Adobe Premier or FCExpress/FCPro (undecided about whether to also move from Premiere to FC product?)

I have a "budget" of about $3-4k, but might go a little more for a Mac Pro set up. Questions:

1. For iMac, can the 2.8/24" with 4GB ram run AP or FCE/P with the ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO/256MB memory adequately?

2. Is it possible to buy the Ram separately to install? (on their site, going from 2GB to 4GB of Ram for $700 seems very excessive...I built my last several PCs hence my sticking with them for so long, so I am pretty sure I can install the Ram, just don't know if you can buy it somewhere else).

3. For the Mac Pro, seems like it's been a while since they upgraded, perhaps I should wait for the next gen?

4. Same thing with the cinema displays, seems like they are also due (especially in light of the new iMac screens)

5. Same thing for MP Ram...they are VERY proud of it on apple.com.

I am not a pro, so it's not my bread and butter, but...I do a lot of .Raw photo editing and HD video editing (HDV only) and would like to have a solid machine. I am not in a huge hurry, so if much greater things are on the short horizon, I am willing to wait...like perhaps quad for the iMacs, new Pros and displays, etc.

I know there is always something new coming out soon, but would hate to plop down $4k on a Pro, only to have much better hardware come out a few months later (should have done this 2 years ago). I absolutely do not mind buying the new iMac now (as a new gen) if it will do the job.

Really appreciate any advice/input any of you have. I am ready to give the PC to the kids.


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    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    4. Probably (Yes)

    5. Yes

    Hey, you're pretty good at this guessing game
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    I highly recommend at least trying Final Cut Pro/Express. If you get an iMac instead of a Mac Pro maybe you'll be able to afford Final Cut Studio 2, it's awesome.

    You can buy 3rd party ram separately as stated above.

    Mac Pro updates will probably come in January, possibly sooner but I doubt it.

    If you want an iMac make sure you're satisfied with a glossy display (no matte option).

    Some people may disagree with me, but if you get a Mac Pro I would encourage you to look at other options for monitors, apple monitors have pretty good picture quality but are overpriced, have high latency (~15ms as opposed to 2-6ms standard), and there are other monitors out there with better contrast ratios and max brightness.

    Good luck in your search, the iMac 2.8 4GB of ram should be really fast if you get that.


    (owner of a Octo-core 3GHz Mac Pro, 4GB Ram ATi x1900 XT 512MB - if you have any further questions about Mac Pros)
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    Don't buy Apple RAM:

    Choose the 2.4GHz 24" model with 1GB RAM. Then configure it to have the 2.8GHz processor and 500GB hard drive. Then buy the 1x2GB or 2x2GB afterwards.

    Apple's price:

    2.8GHz 1GB 500GB - $2149

    2.8GHz 2GB 500GB - $2299

    2.8GHz 4GB 500GB = $2999

    The install the RAM yourself price:

    1 x 2GB = $115

    2 x 2GB = $230

    2.8GHz 3GB 500GB - $2264

    2.8GHz 4GB 500GB - $2379 (minus resale of 1x 1GB SODIMM)


    Use the $600 you've saved to buy a decent FW800 external drive for extra storage and back-up and consider a second display.

    You'll need the $19 Mini DVI to DVI adaptor...

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