Bochs, OpenOSX WinTel 1.0 Is it any good?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I read an article this week that mentioned Bochs, and that Apple should pick it up, dedicate some people to it's development and reap the rewards of yet another open source gem. Since virtual PC has moved to the dark side, is this a legitimate emulator? Has anyone tried it out yet? How does it compare to virtual PC... faster or slower? I know that some of you guys are much more knowledgable about this stuff, especially UNIX. Hopefully someone can inform me. I'd like to know.


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    Haven't really tried VPC for more than 5 minutes so I can't do a straight comparison, but Bochs is virtually unusable on my iBook when I tried to install/run win 98. It's not a viable solution for emulating windows as far as I'm concerned, unless OpenOSX has done some major optimizations or changes to the Bochs code, which doesn't sound like it from the little news I've read so far, it sounds more like just some sort of GUI front-end for it.
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