Can you download things from Safari?

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Hi Everyone! I'm new here...

I'm planning to get a new iPod Touch in a couple weeks, but I had a few questions. Since the two probably have similar WiFi/Safari features, and the touch isn't out yet... I figured you iPhone folks would know.

1) What happens when you are browsing the web w/ safari on the iPhone and you come downloadable content. Maybe a video, a pdf, etc. Can you download it? How does that work...?

2) Does the iPhone come with a VPN client? If not, is there a way to install a vpn client onto the iPhone?

Thanks so much in advance.



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    come on... nobody can help me w/ 2 simple questions!?
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    No, you cannot download web content to the phone's memory.

    I don't use VPN, but there is a page in the settings for setting up VPN, so I guess the answer to THAT question is "yes".
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    Thank you!

    Has anyone been able to use the VPN client? Is it a cisco client?

    thanks again
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    The iPhones will have the standard OSX VPN client when they ship next week. This will allow connecting to Macintosh and Windows VPN Servers on L2TP or PPTP over IPSEC. The client is very simple and will be set up from its own settings pane. Cisco PIX VPN connectivity is a little blurry as some configurations work with the default OSX client as it does in the Macintosh client, others do not. Cisco is rumored to be working on a VPN Client for the iPhone as well as Soft Phone integration into its latest Call Manager Server but that is a long way off, if at all.
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    Great information. Thanks so much
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    Originally Posted by jcw5002 View Post

    Thank you!

    Has anyone been able to use the VPN client? Is it a cisco client?

    thanks again

    Check out this link

    They are still working on a CISCO VPN client from what I understand.
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