the way forward ????

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
over on mac 9 to 5 they have an article that says that they have realised/discovered something that will make the adding of WI-FI and Flash to the TOUCH become all the clearer.

it says that you could/should move your movies/tv to a web server then watch them over WI-FI.

is this possible ?????

is this the way forward for apple or are they going to include some kind of "slingbox" tech in the next apple tv.

could this be a feature of dotmac ???

this would also make sense if retails are added to the apple tv.

oh and that data farm/new campus they brought a while ago to handle new products/retail buisness

(mac 9-5 have been quite spot on lately infact somebody traced their ip reg back to Apple HQ In cupatino )

what do you think ?????
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