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My MacBook pro wont read cdg's which is a karaoke disc. And neither will any on the shop floor in my local mac store in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. However I went to get my wife a new mac laptop (cos I'm nice like that) and took along a cdg to try it on the non MacBook Pro laptops

To my surprise all the lap tops on the shop floor except the macbook pro played the cdg after I downloaded a program called kjams. I was ecstatic, so I did as I've been advised and ordered one on the condition that the one out of the box played the cdg. Needless to say it didn't. One staff member even said that its a software problem, repeating this even after seeing the on screen message stating that the drive does NOT support the cdg format. So I ended up getting a small laptop for the missis and when I got home, just out of curiosity I downloaded kjams and tried it. To my consternation it started playing the cdg enough for me to see the type of disc it was,( a legends disc) but then stopped with a message that the disc was scratched. This happened with every disc I tried. I wanted to kill the laptop but it had just cost me £700 so I didn't. One disc I tried was brand new.

I didn?t get the message that the drive doesn't support cdg?s & I was wondering if there is any way to make it read the rest of the disc, but I'm not holding my breath.

I did ask if I could have one of the ones on the shop floor but I was told no (I think they know they are better and they want them for themselves)

Does anyone know of a way I could buy one of the laptops from the shop floor.


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    The floor/display models are exactly the same as purchased by consumers. If you found differences, it is either because different software was loaded or because the display models were from an earlier manufacturing lot.

    Use the system profiler to check the exact drive model installed in a working and non-working mac. This will tell you if the optical drive has changed in currently shipping models.
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