Finder not showing all LaCie drives

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Sometimes when I start up my laptop (PB 17" G4 1.67 Ghz) the finder doesnt show all the LaCie drives I have connected.

But, the funny thing is that it does see the drives because FCP opened up and brought up the scratch diskwhich wasnt showing in the finder.

Has anyone ever seen this?


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    You don't say if these are USB or FW drives, but I'll toss in my 2 cents regarding FW chained drives.

    I have multiple FW drives connected to my G5 tower, some daisy-chained directly in back and some via a FW hub. My operating configuration changes depending how many of my FW devices are powered up (eg when I backup on a drive I store in a different room). When I connect my backup drive, I have to disconnect my FW EyeTV200. This quirky behavior reminds me of the voodoo of the old SCSI-chained drives.

    My point is that you might try experimenting with different connection configurations until you find a permuation that works. For starters, try disconnecting a drive that the finder shows, but leaving a no-show on and see of your finder sees it. Also, you'll want to rule out faulty cables.

    BTW, I found all this out by accident when I added a third LaCie drive to my chain and found it wasn't showing on the finder. Thinking it was faulty, I exchanged it for the same model and got the same result. On a lark, I changed my drive connection arrangement and everything worked.

    Alright, perhaps a little more than 2 cents, but I hope this helps.
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