iPod touch with isight camera??? :-)

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I loved the iphone when it came out. LOVED it.

Except I didn't need a phone...I travel alot, and prefer a pay as you go plan. But I was still going to get one just to use the wifi features. That is until I was told you can't use the wifi features without activating the phone.

So I waited. :-)

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long. With the announcement of the ipod touch I once again got excited. It was EXACTLY what I wanted.

My only reservation was that it didn't have a camera built in. You just KNOW that video ichating over wifi ipod touches will be all the rage someday soon.

But I don't think they will update them until late next year. And there's no guarantee that when they do, they will add a camera.

So I will probably get one now. Because otherwise its a perfect device. Like having a laptop in your pocket.

I know some people complain about the small flash drives. But from what I understand only a 32 gig version exists...and its too expensive right now.

Larger flash drives will come in the years ahead.

But for now...its fine.

I only wish there was a camera like in the iphone. Not the best quality I know...but it would really make the ipod touch that much better. :-)


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    Wow...I can't belive I am the only one thinking about this. :-)
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    You aren't. There are a ton of other forums discussing this... why no camera? Why no email? Why no google maps? All of these things, most certainly the software components, could be put into the iPod touch; in fact, it's a bit silly that they aren't, in my opinion, but whatever, it's Apple's marketing strategy. They want people to buy an iPhone, and many will.

    There will come a time when the iPod touch becomes what the Newton was going to become. Only at that time will I buy one, and I'd imagine that it could be a while before that happens.
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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Oh...I wasn't complaining. I love Apple and are familiar with their ways. I too know its only a matter of time before the ipod touch gets all that stuff.

    Alot of it can be got with a simple software update should Apple choose to release one.

    And the camera...well...maybe in a year or two.

    But in the meantime I will nab an 8 gig ipod touch for when I am on the road travelling. Its a great little device to check email and surf the web with...all in a package that'll fit into your pocket.

    Me likey.

    I won't have regrets about buying one now.

    I can always pass it on to my bro should I upgrade later...like I've done with alot of my Apple products.
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