iPhone reported to degrade the mullti-touch

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have read on the I-net that some people were having some problems with the multi-touch interface on their iPhone after a few weeks of use and that the multi-touch function was not working so greatly! Is that still the case? I wonder if this problems was really happening, they have it all fixed now.


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    Sound bogus. There should be no degradation of performance unless there's goose grease smeared on the surface.
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    Portions of some iPhone touchscreens stopped working. Happened to me, and Apple sent me a replacement phone in about 48 hours. Other threads exist and Appleinsider covered it recently.
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    Happened to me too after about a month, went by the store and they replaced it on the spot with a brand new sealed iPhone. No questions asked.

    Sucked I had to deal with it, but you can't beat the exchange policy. They didn't even talk about wanting to try to fix it. That would have pissed me off, but I walked away with a brand new one within 15 minutes. The guy just opened it to swap the SIM cards. Pretty painless.
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    Happened to me too after two months, But I had to send mine into Apple and they replaced it with a brand new phone. Two days after I got the new phone it just stopped working so I repeated the process and now I have my third phone and everything seems to be OK.
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    Top 1 3rd of screen was completely inaccessible. Could not dial 1,2, 3 or list to voicemails on top portion of screen.

    Took the iPhone back in to Apple Store and they replaced the phone on the spot.

    @nd phone has been fine until last couple of days. It's started acting up again, but in an inconsistent manner. Doing hard reboots regularly. We'll see if that takes care of the problem.
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    Wow. Guess they're pretty much keeping this under the radar with the no questions asked returns policy.

    Sounds like some real quality control issues.
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    The top third of the screen could be where all the chips are. Heat issues affecting the touch screen perhaps?
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