Connecting MacBook to PS3

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i wasnt really sure which section to put this under, but seeing as the macbook and ps3 are both current hardware, i thought this was the best place to put it.

as the thread title suggests, ive been trying to connect my macbook to my playstation 3 to transfer a few movies off my iPod so i can watch them on the new hdtv

problem is, when i connect the macbook and ps3, nothing happens, at either end.

does anyone have any ideas how this might be solved? or would it just be a better idea to get an apple tv?



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    any one?
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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    How are you conecting the two?
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    Originally Posted by smax View Post

    How are you conecting the two?

    ethernet cable
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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    I have no idea how you'd go about transferring files to or from a PS3, but did you do anything else? Assign an IP address? Share a folder over a network? Just hooking up a cable between the two won't be enough to do it.
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    I read about a program on an Open Source site. I can't remember the name, but I do know that it exists. You can't just connect the ethernet cable directly. You have to have a network running, and configured (ie router, dhcp, etc). Thing is you have to compile the program. Once you do that it lets you transfer media to it to watch videos and songs. No kidding it exists...
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    I'm pretty sure complete sharing of files on a network can't be done between a PS3 and a computer unless you've got Linux running on the PS3.

    The only way you can access media files on your Macbook through a network is to use a media server program (Twonkymedia is the only one I know of that works reasonably well with Macs) and stream the content across to the PS3. If you've got the movies on your iPod, you could try connecting it directly to the PS3, though I've heard that Mac formatted iPods aren't compatible. Another option you have is to grab yourself an external HDD.
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    USB Cable instead of network? Might see the PS3 as an external hard drive.
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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    Highly doubt that a USB cable would work much better.
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    Try a flash drive, they can come in large sizes these days.
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    Originally Posted by Martin C View Post

    Try a flash drive, they can come in large sizes these days.

    firstly, thanks to all that replied. i tried all of the methods mentioned, but im no wizz with networks, so i tried the flash drive option. but guess what, even though the ps3 can play mpeg-4 video files, it doesnt recognise them on my system! o well, this has given me yet more reason to buy an appleTV.

    thanks again

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