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Alright, I'm a PC user currently, and was planning on getting a mac, but then I found out about this major turn-off - Unlike Photoshop on windows, Photoshop on the mac can't take up the whole screen, and shows your desktop background and everything else under it, and if you click outside of photoshop, it dissapears. Is there any way to make photoshop take up the full screen, background and all on a mac? I'm a digital painter, and I really don't like working with the image minimized. Not only does it make it more difficult, but it distracts me.

So, I ask, is there a way to make this

Look more like this? With the whole screen taken up?

Wrether or not the mac can do this will be the clincher for me buying one.


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    Don't sweat: photoshop on a Mac has 4 screen modes:
    1. Standard, which is your first pic

    2. Maximized, which makes it single window like it is on windows

    3. Full screen with menu and Dock still visible and

    4. Completely full screen which hides both the menu bar and the dock

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    Whew. That's a relief. Thank you very much.
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    Your second question is answered by Dutch Pear #4. You can also toggle your palates on/off so you aren't distracted by them. Photoshop on a Mac is a beautiful thing!
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    To be fair, you can do that on windows, too.
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