OJ Simpson Arrested

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Oj was arrested for allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint in a Vegas hotel

what an idiot


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    I think his response sums it all up.

    "I'm O.J. Simpson. How am I going to think that I'm going to rob somebody and get away with it...I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas."
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    I have a theory that CNN paid Simpson to do something stupid, to drive up ratings.
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    thats a possibility. Makes sense
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Howard Stern had a great interview today with the guy who set up the meeting. His claimed agenda was to show up with a couple fake buyers and then give the sellers a chance to turn over the stolen goods or the police would be called.

    Since the guy is an ex-con, he's paranoid about possible legal trouble. So... he recorded absolutely everything. Every call with OJ, every meeting, every single word uttered to each other. The tapes have been turned over to the police and he's sold a few of them to various media outlets already.

    Damn this is getting more interesting by the second.
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