Adjusting track volumes in Itunes

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

I have a question that perhaps someone can answer.

I'm attempting to adjust the playback volume of various tunes on a playlist in Itunes so that the volume from one tune to the next is the same. I have used the Itune volume adjust feature and it appears to be working fine. That is, when I compare the volume of each tune with the others in the playlist the playback volumes are uniform.

However, when I then burn the playlist to CD and then play the CD, the volumes are all over the place -- as if I hadn't made any adjustments at all.

Does anyone know how to get Itunes to burn tunes to CD and retain volume adjustments?

Hope this is clear....

P.S. The sound check feature which is supposed to level match all tunes automatically doesn't work for me at all, for some reason.
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