iPod Hi-Fi

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hey guys, does anyone know of anywhere that ships to the UK that is selling these off any cheaper than the original £200? I always wanted one and thought now would be a good time to buy as they have been discontinued, but I can't find them much cheaper anywhere.


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    steste Posts: 119member
    I've been wanting one, too, but it's a difficult purchase to justify to the missus right now, having just dropped $400+ on the iPhone. What to do? These puppies are never on sale; still $349 here in the States, despite the discontinuation. If there was the slightest inkling of a refresh in the near-to-mid future then I'd definitely wait. But if it's been dropped permanently, I need to pick one up, as they say, while stocks last. No sign of Apple putting their remaining stock on clearance, either. Damn them!
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    I heard from some dude that an Apple employee told him a new Hi-Fi was coming soon that would better support newer iPods. I'm guessing that means it will have a video output?

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    steste Posts: 119member
    Ah, Some Dude: the authoratative source down through the ages. Still, unsubstantiated news is better than no news at all
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