Video iPod playing songs after turned off.....

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Okay, I turn off my iPod via the "hold play/pause button". When I grab it later and press, play, I see that it's on some random song, and the battery is worn down as though it had been playing the whole time. If I come back to it a couple DAYS later, the battery is just dead. It doesn't happen all the time, but most. So every time I want to use my iPod, I have to charge it first.

Anyone have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?


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    It's happens to me to. On my iPod G5, never on my nano. As I do not turn off my iPod (just let them go to sleep) I've always assumed that I inadvertently touched the scroll wheel and turned my iPod on.
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    I know this sounds obvious, but are you using the hold button?

    If not, is there a chance that you have jostled the iPod enough (if it's loose in a book bag) to press the play button?
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