Got my wireless keyboard (finally)

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it was worth the wait though, it's lovely and suits my under-TV mini great - love the use of the laser-cut holes to 'hide' the BT light. Anyone else got theirs yet?


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    how is the touch of it? I really just don't like the current keyboards at all.. if it's a nice one I might consider the purchase

    do you think there is possibility of stick in the future?
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    ya, give a short review. How is it?
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    Originally Posted by bobazumi View Post

    ya, give a short review. How is it?

    This is a hard question to answer, but is it light? (Do you have an old wireless keyboard to compare it to? That's really my question.)

    I've been trying to bug Waterfield Designs to make a new case for the new wireless model, since as far as I know, they are the only company that made a case for the old version (

    Edit: I just heard from Gary, the president of Waterfield Designs. He says to watch for a new keyboard case on Oct. 9. My keyboard isn't due to arrive until Oct. 26 so this will work out well for me. (For those of you who don't plan to shove your keyboard into a backpack daily like I do, I don't suppose you'll need a protective case for it...)
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    What's it like to type on? Or are you just using it for fairly brief media-type purposes...
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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    Sorry for the delay in responding guys, been a bit too busy.

    Ok, a quick review. It comes in a TINY white box, about 12 inches by 6 by 1, weighs nothing. Open it up and the KB is on top wrapped in that very clean clear plastic, lift that out and there's a white bag with three AA's inside and there's a small pamphlet with install details. Both ends of the battery-bulge have a peel-away sticker on them, use a coin for a quarter-turn of the battery enclosure to remove the, beautifully-milled quite-heavy, end-cap, pop the AA's in pointy-end-first, twist the cap back on. At the other end is the power button, press that and a surprise green LED comes momentarily on at the top-right of the KB. Now if you look at the image of the KB, any image, any size, any resolution, you will not see the aperture for the light or any suggestion that there's a light in any pic. The reason is because they've laser-cut about 10-15 TINY holes in the top of the KB to let the light pass through - just like the microphone on the top of the Alu iMacs (got one ) - it looks so damn cool it's untrue. BT setup is the same as the old BT KB, no different at all and takes about 30 seconds to a minute in total. You can power it off by pressing and holding the power button but it powers down (to a degree anyway) when left for a moment, waking doesn't lag or lose a keystroke either which is nice. As for the actual keyboard itself it's pretty-much exactly the same as the wired full-size one, same key-sizes, same (lack of) stroke, sound, material etc, just the same. That said I use mine with my under-TV Mini and for that it's perfect, I can slip it vertically down the side between the sofa and a table next to it and use it as I need. The most I've typed on it was for about 20 minutes and it was fine, nothing to write home about though. The only thing I would say is that I'm a big guy (about 18 stone) and have big legs and it doesn't so much as sit on my lap as fit between my thighs, this isn't a problem but if you were MUCH bigger you might find it digs in a bit. It's also way too light to balance on one knee and allow you to type without it 'see-sawing' with each key.

    Either way I'm convinced that it's one of the best designed and most beautiful products Apple have every released and actually bought another last week for a friend that fancied one.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    I just bought one tonight. It's pretty nice. It uses the notebook-style short throw keys, I think the same as the new wired keyboard and Mac Book. I am not totally sure though. I think people that are particular about their keyboards should try one out before buying. For me, the new key mechanism is more preferable, it's a lot less spongy and seems to be a lot less prone to double bounce or feel like it pressed but not really send the intended keypress to the computer.

    I had to ask to try it out. It doesn't have a Kensington lock slot, so I imagine they hide them so it's harder for the keyboards to walk off on their own. They are so compact that it's liable to happen pretty often without some measures, it seems kind of silly to not have some means of tethering it at least on display models, just so people can at least see it without having to make a point of asking.

    I too intend this to be my HTPC keyboard. I bought this so I can retire or relocate my Logitech Bluetooth surfboard keyboard. As nifty and surprisingly functional the non standard keys are, they do help the keyboard in getting unwieldy.
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