Inkwell in Leopard

in macOS edited January 2014
No one talk about that. Even Apple during the preview of Leopard. What Inkell is becoming in leopard beta ?

Are there some improvements or new stuff in Leopard ?

Here's the apple page about inkwell in TIGER :

Thanks for any info.


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    The day of the tablet computer (and thus inkwell) is not yet here. Right now there are still major battery life and weight issues (carrying around a tablet computer on your arm is very tiring). Once that happens, then InkWell might get another shot-in-the arm. Until then, Apple engineers have better things to use their time on.
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    As much as it pains me to agree, I think you are right. The software interface of a touchpanel and the machine formafactor etc are not there yet for the masses. Would still love to see a little tweaking done to inkwell and for Axiotron to start shipping the ModBooks as I am ready to try and start to live the "lifestyle"

    Here's hoping
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    i was not talking about a tablet computer.

    I plan to buy the lastest wacom Bamboo and have read some reviews. All of those reviews are saying that Vista is way better than OSX Inkwell Tiger in this domain.

    So I was hoping Leopard would make thoses reviews incorrect...

    too bad...
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