Screen Jitter when using Safari?

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Has anyone else noticed the screen jittering(for lack of a better description). I am on a PB 550 w 1gig of ram and airport card. When I access a site in Safari the page starts to load and then when the page is almost finished loading the screen kind of freaks out and kind of blinks for a millisecond and little lines flash across the screen. I then does it right when the page finishes loading completely. It doesn't do anything like this in Chimera/Camino. Anyone else noticed this or have an explanation.


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    chilleymacchilleymac Posts: 142member
    You guy's suck! People on here can argue for a month or more about whether or not tabs in Safari are going to single handedly destroy the Mac user experience or be the best thing ever. But heaven forbid someone with less than 8000 posts has a real question about the same browser.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    dont get mad... it has nothing to do with tho fact that you are a light poster.... people just probably never had/noticed this before... you might get more attention in the GB, maybe...


    I do not notice this behavior on a 667 DVI Ti, but then again I use OW more then Safari...
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    Duuuuh... maybe it could be that you are the only person who has encountered this problem?

    I mean, really, I have never seen this myself or read about any similar problem from any Safari user on any of the boards or sites that I frequent.

    "rolleyes" indeed.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    oh and everyone has less then 8000 posts... other then EmAn... and occasionally Brad depending on his mood...

    you have 4500 more posts then Murbot tho...
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    chilleymacchilleymac Posts: 142member
    I was just kidding guy's, and I thought that would get a response.
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