Apple store iPod data transfers?

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Hi, since nobody answered my question in anotehr thead, I'll ask it again here and hopefully someone will have an answer.

If i were to go on a holiday with my ipod, and i bought a new one away from home at an apple store (the iPod Touch) becuase it was A LOT cheaper, would i be able to transfer the media on my old ipod on to the new one i bought, at the apple store, since im away from a computer?

Or would I have to have my songs, videos etc on my old ipod as files in hard disk mode, to transfer onto the new ipod? what is apples policy on this to do a transfer at an apple store after i buy a new one?



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    I highly doubt it, opens them up to legal concerns etc.. Just use your old one until you get home and can do a sync then.
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